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The Storm Keeper's Island

The Storm Keeper's Island
The Storm Keeper's Island
By Catherine Doyle

Fionn and Tara Boyle have been sent to the Island of Arranmore to spend the summer with their grandfather.  Although they are close in age – Fionn is eleven and Tara is thirteen – they are no longer interested in the same things.  Tara, in fact, drives Fionn crazy.

On Arranmore, Tara meets up with her boyfriend, Bartley Beasley, but they won’t have anything to do with Fionn.  Away from the comforts of his home in Dublin, Fionn doesn’t know what to do.  But Arranmore is full of secrets, and as Fionn begins to question his grandad, some of those secrets begin to reveal themselves.

Arranmore, it seems, has a long history of magic.  It dates back thousands of years to a battle between the evil Morrigan and Dagda the good.  Morrigan is darkness incarnate.  She has been hidden away all these years, but is now regaining strength.

Fionn also learns about the Sea Cave, a magical place that promises to grant one wish.  But finding it turns out to be more dangerous than he thinks and he faces some stiff competition to get there first.

With Fionn’s arrival, the island starts to wake up.  The magic that’s been tucked away for years begins to appear everywhere. It’s thrilling but it’s also terrifying.  And when Fionn learns that Arranmore is searching for a new Storm Keeper, he fervently hopes that it won’t be him.

Filled with magic, The Storm Keeper’s Island is about a boy who learns he is capable of much more than he thinks.  If you like a bit of magic in your stories, you’ll love this book!

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