Thursday, 31 March 2016

Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day
By Sarah Mlynowski

Imagine having a magical mirror that allows you to cross over to all of your favourite fairy tales. You can walk through the mirror at midnight and play around in the fairy tale, you even have the power to change the story. This is number 5 in the Whatever After series; Bad Hair Day. Jonah and Abby have this secret magic mirror hidden in their basement, it takes them to Fairy Tale Land. Just knock on the frame three times and the fairy, Mary Rose, will let you in. This adventure takes the two into the tale of Rapunzel. These fractured fairy tales have humour, adventure and lessons to be learned. Abby and Jonah get into a bit of trouble and tangle this classic tale up, they need to make things right, but will they be able to? Find out by picking up a copy or listening to the audio book today!

This instalment is available in our junior series section and on audiobook from Hoopla

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Stanley's Party

Stanley's Party
Stanley's Party
By Linda Bailey, illustrated by Bill Slavin

Have you ever wondered what dogs do when they’re left alone?  Stanley gets bored when his people are out, so he decides to try something new.  He’s not allowed on the couch, but what harm could it do, right?   

The couch is more comfortable than he could have ever imagined! Once he gets used to the couch, Stanley discovers the fridge, the radio and more.  And really, why not enjoy yourself when you’re in your own home?

As Stanley gets more and more confident with his new behaviours, his proclivities lead him into trouble – big trouble with his owners. But Stanley will never forget the fun he had!  This is a very funny and readable picture book – a great for read-alouds!

Monday, 7 March 2016

365 simple science experiments with everyday materials
365 simple science experiments

By E. Richard Churchill

Here is a book filled with some fun and educational activities for the whole family to enjoy. I thought these might be interesting to try out over Spring Break. E. Richard Churchill, Louis V. Loeschnig and Muriel Mandell have collected and created experiments that children of all ages can enjoy.
Using the idea that science experiments are not just for scientists and students this book brings children and parents the magic of science using everyday materials that we can find in our own home. Some of the experiments will surprise you because of their outcome and others will amaze you because they actually work. The experiments in this book help to introduce children to the wonders of science, with chapters on how earthquakes and energy work; how everyday items can be used in extraordinary ways; and chapters on how to do cool tricks like catching a coin on your elbow. 365 simple science experiments with everyday materials should be a fun addition to your Spring Break reading.

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Sleepover Sleuths

Sleepover Sleuths
By Carolyn Keene

Here is one from a classic series that many will remember from their youth; Nancy Drew is still at it after 85 years. She is still solving crimes and poking her nose in places that get her into trouble. The Nancy Drew writers continue to revamp and reinvent the classic stories about this iconic character. This newest evolution of the series follows an elementary school aged Nancy. Sleepover Sleuths brings us an 8 year old Nancy Drew who has been invited, along with her best friends, to a sleepover party with one of the moist spoiled and coolest girls in school. All invited to the sleepover must bring their "City Girl Dolls," only the niftiest dolls in town. Each sleepover attendee brings their prized City Girl Doll to Deirdre's party. They all enjoy pizza, cake, prizes and games as well as talk of the very special Hollywood Heather, City Girl doll, she's the rarest City Girl Doll on the market and all the party goers are talking about how cool this rare doll would be to have. The party is off to a great start but we all know that where there is Nancy Drew there is sure to be a mystery to solve.
Will all the girls be able to stay up all night? Will the Hollywood Heather doll make an appearance? Will Nancy save the day once again? Check out a copy today to find out. This is also available on Tumble Books as a read along story.