Monday, 25 September 2017

The Lotterys Plus One

The Lotterys Plus One
The Lotterys Plus One

By Emma Donoghue

I loved reading this book!

The Lotterys are a very unusual family that leads a utopian family life.  They have two moms and two dads and seven children, some of whom are biological children, some of whom are adopted.  This very lucky family won the lottery and as such, none of the parents go to work.  All the children are home schooled and every day is an adventure.

Sumac, age nine, is learning about the Mesopotamians and how to speak ancient Sumarian.  Wood, age twelve, is an outdoorsman and teaches the family about survival skills.  Catalpa, a teenager, is raising guide dogs.  And Brian, age four, wears a red fire truck wherever he goes.  

The Lottery parents are tolerant and understanding, challenging their children to learn new things and taking them on all kinds of excursions.

But things are changing.  PopCorn (one of the dads) has discovered that his father is suffering from dementia and has accidentally set his house on fire.  PopCorn’s dad lives in a small town in the Yukon and the parents decide to bring him to live with them in Toronto.  Although the Lottery children are eager to finally meet another grandparent, he turns out to be a rather unhappy fellow that the kids secretly call Grumps.

Once Grumps moves in, life doesn’t seem as pleasant at the Lottery house.  Fearing this terrible change, Sumac goes on a campaign to get Grumps to move out.  Will she succeed?  Or will she adapt to a virtual stranger living in her happy home?

The Lotterys Plus One is just a downright good story.  Although the Lotterys are different, their lifestyle is very appealing.  What kid wouldn’t want to live in the Lottery house?  If you like realistic fiction about family life, you will love The Lotterys Plus One!

Highly recommended!

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